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Our first colt from *Angel's Spirit!
Our first colt from *Angel’s Spirit!

seems that is the way of life around here!  We just welcomed our first foal from our new young stallion *Angel’s Spirit, and one of our premium broodmares *Warrior Seek Grace –  what a sweet boy he is, and very special in every way!  We are extremely grateful that he arrived healthy and happy, and his mom couldn’t be more in love!  He was born August 19, and here are a couple of his first day photos.  (For all you color buffs, he is a red dun. tobiano, sabino!) 


And the going…….this is the part that is hard.  Seeing them go!  Being a part of our lives from the day they were born, it is hard to imagine not being able to walk out and see their beautiful faces ever again.  Crow is just one example of that – I will certainly miss this incredible boy on our farm! He is joining a wonderful family up in British Columbia – a fer piece from the heart of TX!  But he will first stop off at America’s Cowboy in WY, for training under saddle!  I can’t wait to see this boy under saddle!  He is going to be one handsome ride!!!  Thanks Kim, for giving Crow a wonderful forever place to be!                                                                                                         *Warrior's Iron Crow

And Navajo Rose!!!  How can she be leaving our family?  What a sweet filly she is!!! We hope her new family in GA enjoy many many happy memories with this lovely girl! 

 *Navajo Rose in her lovely winter curls!

We feel so blessed to have these horses as a part of our lives! And meeting new folks that will become the next families for our babies is an incredible blessing as well!

Happy trails!

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