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A new look…

*Angel's Spirit

*Angel's Spirit


Late last night, we saw the completion of our new website – created once again by my oldest son Ransom….and I think he did a wonderful job! It is a new look for us, with many new photos of our Bashkir Curlies, and the formal introduction of our newest stallion *Angel’s Spirit!

*Spirit has been with us almost a year, and we already have one incredible colt from him ~ *Stag Creek Angelicole….and several others “in the oven”! I can’t tell you how blessed we feel to own such a stallion – he is wonderful in every way possible – but it is his tender heart that will win you over…..one look from those eyes and you melt dead away! 

Many of *Spirit’s photos were taken by the world renowned equine photographer Bob Langrish. We were fortunate that Bob was visiting the  facility this spring where *Spirit was in training, and requested to do conformation shots of him along with the regular photo shoot.  I don’t know if our boy will ever turn up in some of Bob’s works, but it was enough for this small town farm girl just to get to meet him, and watch him work. He is truly a gifted photographer!

If you would like to visit our site, you can find the link at right, and if you are ever in our area of Texas, give us a call – we would love to have you out to visit first hand!

 Happy trails!

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