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My middle son, who joined the army this summer, and is about to complete his AIT training – joined us on Christmas day for our traditional presents and family fun. He also accompanied me and my youngest to the field to spend some time with the Curlies before we headed off to other family gatherings. The horses were all glad that I had brought someone new for them to visit with – they love visitors! We took lots of photos, as the snow still lingered, and we could not resist…….and as I was going back through them, I couldn’t help but be moved by this photo of my son, and my Curly gelding Freedom.

My middle son and Freedom

 In just a couple of months, my son will be heading off to Afghanstan – to defend the freedom of our country. We are so proud of him, and grateful that he is willing to serve. As I looked at the photo – I thought ……..there is my son and Freedom, and even though my first thought was of my horse, I instantly then thought of the freedom that my son will soon be fighting for. And each time I look at him now – I think……..there is my son……. and freedom. For they are synonymous with each other, just as freedom is synonymous with my dad, who served in the Korean war, and my brother-in-law who served in Iraq…….and for all the other service men and women who are willing to put their freedoms and their lives in harms way to provide these same things back to their families, friends and country. It is an awesome thing to behold. I have always had to fight the tears back when our national anthem played – and often they flowed freely…….I am sure it will be even harder now. I am proud that my son is a part of the legacy of freedom that this country is so famous for. I am proud of my son!

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just wait a minute! 

Lovely Sedonia wants her photo taken too!

That’s a typical phrase we seem to use a lot here in Texas, and it has gotten it’s 15 minutes of fame for sure in the last week! Two days before Christmas it was 80 warm degrees – and then Christmas eve brought a blizzard! A Texas blizzard that is, and it was a “White Christmas” for sure!!! All of central Texas was transformed into a wintery landscape, and photo opportunities were too tempting to pass up. All the baking that was planned was put on the back burner, and we spent the day ooooing and aawwing and soaking up the moment. By mid afternoon, the blizzard had subsided, and the sun even peeked through for a while. Our Curlies were enthuiastic about the frisky feeling in the air – but not about the sticky wet snow that was balling up under their hooves! The took it all in stride though, and entertained me willingly as I photographed them. I thought you might like to see some of the photos, so I am going to share them with you here. And I would like to know…….for those of you living in different areas of the country – or world even – does your weather sometimes change this drastically too? We have since warmed up to the 60’s, and then even had snow again yesterday – very very odd for our area!

The Curly horse's woods.

Our Curlies have a particular wood that they

Snow frosted Angelicole!

 love to loaf in – it falls in the south east corner of our property, and it is their favored spot for passing the time. In this wood, they are secluded, hidden from coyotes and passing cars. Wild turkeys often pass through these woods, and stand out in the open field in the evenings, grazing on the grass seeds right along with the horses. These woods are also highly responsible for the loss of mane hair on most of my Curlies – for in the summer you will find the bark of the low hanging trees rubbed smooth, and snags of mane hair trapped in it’s crevices. But oh what a wonderful place to be! This woods is a place of serenity and peace for the horses, and they spend a good portion of each day here.

Grace and Angelicole

Even though the large flakes of snow found their way easily into the woods, the horses stood there patiently, waiting for the storm to pass.  And pass it soon did, and they were as anxious to get out and play in the snow as my kids were! The yearlings and foals were particularly fun to watch – running their noses through deep drifts, and rolling freely as if they too were trying to make “snow angels”.

Maelie Mylie enjoying the snow!

And wouldn’t you know it……..we were so excited about more than the snow that day. We had another early morning gift on Christmas Eve – a beautiful Curly filly was born to our beloved Two Sundays in the midst of this wintery weather! “Wouldn’t you know” was my fleeting thought – but she was such a beauty, that I could not be mad at her long for appearing in such inclement weather. :O) A little “snow angel” on Christmas Eve.I monitored her throughout the day, and her lively attitude and frisky spirit told me she was doing just great! Two Sundays welcomed the help of the other mares – some of which have been her pasture mates since birth – and this first time mom impressed me then and has continued to impress me this last week with her easy going natural mothering techniques – she is attentive and protective, but not to the point of making herself nervous. She loves her baby dearly, and I love listening to the low nickers these two call out to each other.  Keep watching as I later share the story of this newest Stag Creek Curly!

Magpie racing through the field!

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