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Always sunny ~

Zydeco in the snow!

Zydeco runs along the snowy banks of Stag Creek.

Well, maybe not always – sometimes it is snowy – like it was last Thursday – which was our third snow of the season….pretty unusual for central Texas.

*Magnolia enjoys the frosty weather!

 Wet dreary snow to be exact, and you certainly would not consider that sunny. But then, “sunny” can be a condition of the heart can’t it? And even if the weather is dreary, or if life gets dreary, things can still be “sunny”. And you would probably catch me campaigning the idea that owning a Curly can certainly add a little piece of sunshine to your life! The Curlies here all took the wet snow in stride, and combatted the wet stuff getting in their ears by trying to out run it! :O) Too fun! A trip to the mare field, and I found *Meoquanee standing 2 hay feeders away from the hay feeder her mom was at…….she was just hanging out with her friend *Maelie. :O)  And when *Maelie left, she just hung out with *Morning Dove. :O)  I just love the boldness, and laid back disposition of that little girl. And the easy going mares are willing to let her just hang out where ever she wants – like proud aunts and grandmas!

Muddy or not, I think my girls are lovely!

Sunday was moving day – and the mare herd left the big tank pasture and moved across the road to the north pasture. I like to rotate the herd around – keeps them healthy, and it gives the field they just left a chance to grow new grass.

Feeling good in their new pasture!

Their new pasture is where we planted the winter wheat, and though they were excited about their new environment, it didn’t take them long to put heads down and get busy – they welcomed the sweet green wheat. Our cold winter has kept it from growing very tall – but the 11 whitetail deer that have found that pasture a welcome place to graze this last month told me it was good eating nonetheless. The move took quite a while – not only all 21 horses, but 3 round bale feeders (because I know the wheat is not all they will need), 3 new bales of hay, 2 protein tubs…….and just spending some time with the herd to make sure they were settled in fine. The weather turned cold again – but everyone was so excited about the wheat, that they settled right in.

*Snowfox ~ just 3 weeks from her first foal!

And this morning, I found *Morning Dove down in one of the draws in a plum thicket – looking truley maternal, and a bit like she could use a hug. So, I oblidged, with quite a few hugs, and a good brushing with the Furminator (a great de-shedding tool). She is shedding like crazy now – a sure sign the days are getting longer, and her foaling date is nearing. I reminded her that she has 3 weeks to go *sigh*, and she looked at me with those ever sweet eyes, and rewarded my efforts to lift her spirits with several head hugs over my shoulder. I never have to wonder why I love that mare! *Morning Dove is a rare blue buckskin – one of 3 blue buckskin Curlies that I know of in the entire world. We just happen to own one of the others as well – our beloved *Snowfox. Blue buckskin is a very interesting color – the tips of the hair are brown and the rest of the hair shaft is silver/cream colored, and there are some black hairs mixed in as well – which gives a very unique and ever changing look to the coat. *Snowfox’s beautiful curls are those you see pictured on the header of this blog. After *Morning Dove’s brushing, she looked mysteriously dark – almost black/dark brown on her neck – that’s because just the tips of the new hair growth were showing there…….and as the hair grows in longer, the silver shafts will take over the majority of her coloring, and give her that magical “blue” sheen. There are some times during the hair growth that she almost looks like a silver grulla – but the absence of primitive markings tell us otherwise. Oh, aren’t horse colors fascinating!!!

*Meoquanee promises to be a lovely filly!

The mares were so happy this afternoon! It was sunny again, and they just love it when they get to eat winter wheat in the sunshine! :O) In fact, my mares are so happy, that they smile while they’re sleeping! Nothing like a good nap in the sunshine! I hope your days are “sunny” too……and as much as possible, I hope you get to smile while you’re sleeping!

Smile while you're sleeping!

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Happy day!!!

American Bashkir Curly Horse

*Warrior Seek Grace

That’s probably the best way to describe yesterday……just plain happy! My dad came home from the hospital on Friday, and is continuing to improve! I am so grateful to everyone who prayed for him and sent well wishes his way – you will never know how encouraging all that was!

American Bashkir Curly Horse

*Stag Creek Magpie Warrior

And the sun was shining!!! Wow! Sunshine on mud will make any farmer happy!!! The day started out with a trip to the feed store, and then to our local tree nursery. The day was gorgeous and productive – we planted several new trees – 4 peach, one crabapple, and 2 Texas redbuds; and 11 new blackberry bushes – we will be enjoying the fruits of our labor for years to come, not to mention the beautiful blooms we will have each spring!

American Bashkir Curly Horse

*Stag Creek Constance B

Of course – you guessed it……I just couldn’t resist taking more photos of the Curlies! Close to 1200 photos to be exact! :O) They were really enjoying the sunshine too – I think it made us all feel better after the wet weather we have been having.

American Bashkir Curly Horse

*Caden with his "wet look"

*Caden needed some updated photos for his sale pages, his winter curl is beautiful right now, not to mention how much he has filled out since his last photo shoot……it was definately time for some updates!

American Bashkir Curly Horse

*Stag Creek Caden

And of course – boys will be boys – he was covered in mud head to toe, so the first order of business was a bath!

American Bashkir Curly Horse

Sweet boy!

He is doing really great with his bathing skills, and I scrubbed him up good with a combination of baby shampoo and eZall. His white was really shining after that – amazing how much brighter their colors can be after a bath – and I know I didn’t get him show clean – but it sure did make a difference none the less!

American Bashkir Curly Horse

*Caden is growing up nicely!

I think he is a handsome boy to start with, and getting all spiffed up just made him even more attractive. I have always thought *Caden had the sweetest, most expressive face. What do you think? Isn’t he sweet looking? And better yet – he IS sweet! I really enjoy spending time with this young man!!!

American Bashkir Curly Horse


American Bashkir Curly Horse

*Stag Creek Meoquanee

And of course, *Meoquanee had to be the center of attention out in the field! She is a real doll!!!

American Bashkir Curly Horses

why does *Meoquanee get all the hugs?

Some of the older Curlies were wondering why she was getting so many of the hugs – they were sure they had already earned a higher place of honor than she had, and wanted their share too! Thankfully, my youngest wandered out to the field where I was photographing, so she was able to be my “bait” for a little while.

American Bashkir Curly Horse

oops - *Meoquanee has spotted me - here she comes!

If you have ever tried to take photos of a Curly horse, you know what a challenge that can be. They would much rather be standing right beside you, and helping you with adjustments to the camera if possible! :O) 

American Bashkir Curly Horse

Our handsome *Freedom will soon make his new home in Kentucky!

I bet I laughed 5000 times today – it was just the most beautiful kind of day – so somewhere between my dad being better, my daughter’s French rabbit hound helping me dig holes for the trees, and my Curlies being their regular ol’ delightful, endearing selves, it seemed like the laughs were right under the surface just trying to pop out. I love days like that! I hope you had one too!!!

American Bashkir Curly Horse

*Stag Creek Angelicole

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*Stag Creek Meoquanee

And our first foal of the season came a l-i-t-t-l-e early…..but knowing her the way I do now, I am not suprised! This fancy filly wanted to enter this world in a special way – and she did – on Christmas eve and in the heart of a Texas blizzard!!!Our first foal of the 2010 season! Please help us officially welcome our newest purebred Curly – *Stag Creek Meoquanee. The wintery weather that dawned her first day did not even faze our new little one, and she was jumping, running, and drinking warm milk to her heart’s content!


 *Meoquanee is an absolute doll – and a total pasture pest already!!! Trying to get a good photo of her is harder than you can imagine……she wants to stand right in my “lap” all the time! I hope you enjoy these photos of her for now……and hopefully I will get some more soon!  :O)

Such a friendly filly!

  In just 4-5 weeks her siblings will start to arrive – one will even be born abroad in France! We can’t wait to meet each one!!!

Fearless and bold ~ *Meoquanee already loves the water!

 Meoquanee is born to one of our favored home-bred Bashkir Curly mares – Two Sundays, and 3 other foals this year will be from first time moms that were all born and bred right here at Stag Creek. This a very exciting year for us in the foaling department for sure, and one we have long awaited! All of our spring foals are sired by *Tall Trees Misdemeanor. We love *Mister’s foals! We will also have a group of foals arrive later in the summer – and those babies will be from our newest young stallion *Angel’s Spirit. *Angel’s first colt for us is an incredibly special boy, so we are anxiously looking forward to the next group of foals from this young man! Our March foals will be born to Morning Dove, Snowfox, and Constance B, and we are hoping for healthy and safe arrivals of all these babies.

Two Sundays is proving to be an outstanding mom - attentive and loving, but not nervous or demanding.

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The graduate!

A little brag time is always expected from moms isn’t it? Well, I have to get my time in……so here goes! My oldest son graduated from Howard Paine University in December and I am so proud of him!!! So that makes two Carrolls that have followed this path! He is currently creating websites for a number of businesses in our area (he created my website as well) and he is very talented! His academic acheivements are pretty sweet, but in my opinion, they are shadowed by some of the other things he has done in his young years. For one thing, he is an accomplished musician – a drummer to be exact – and he can send chills up my spine with his beats; in fact, he seems to have a way with worship songs, and I really enjoy getting to hear him play! And he has put those two hands to work for God in other ways too – I can’t even count the number of homes he has helped put new roofs on, or make necessary repairs to…..and he even helped build a church in Mexico – pretty cool! …….you make me proud Ransom!

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