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An update.

I am sorry that I have been silent for so long……this post which I have needed to write for some time has just been too hard to consider; heartbreak came in a very real way to our farm in March when we lost Morning Dove’s foal. The sadness which filled me in the following weeks kept me in tears, and each time I tried to write this post, I ended up in a puddle. Not only was my heart breaking at the loss of this dear foal, but for my sweet mare too – for she was suffering as well. For almost two weeks she called out in a soft low nicker – the kind a mare uses for her newborn foal – she was looking for her baby, and it tore my heart out. I did my best to comfort her, but I knew it would take time for both our hearts to heal. She missed her foal, and I did too. Every moment I spent with Morning Dove my stomach was accompanied by a sick feeling, something was missing at her side – someone…..and we both knew it. I miss this sweet filly, and I will always miss her. I miss her now, stepping boldly away from her mom’s side to come see me; running and bucking to try out those long new legs; whickering out in reply when her mom called; and lying out flat in the grass with her tail flicking up and down……..and I will continue to miss her – I will miss getting to watch her grow; her beatiful curls and lovely eyes; I will miss the funny things she would have done, like helping me with my chores and taking my tools; I will miss her sweet ringlets sticking up from her mane, and the comical proud look she would have worn on her face when she had learned to manipulate a low hanging tree branch to scratch those cute ringlets out…….and so much more…….she would have been a complete delight, but it wasn’t meant to be. I know that we do not always get to understand why such things in life happen – I know there are so many folks that carry much heavier sorrow than this each day because of losses, and my heart goes out to them. And yet, I see their courage, and I want to be courageous; I see their compassion, and I want to care more; I see their hope shining through, and I want my hope to shine too…….for there is much more waiting for us later on – this world and all it’s delights and joys is so wonderful, and when we miss out on these it is very painful – but the hope of Heaven is a far greater joy – so much so that it is almost hard to comprehend. It waits for us, and it will be awesome……no pain, no tears…..and being with our Lord – our joy will be made eternally complete!

Only a few fellow Curly breeders and friends which I was in conversation with at the time, knew of our loss – and I was so grateful to have the encouraging words and kind inspirations from each of them. I hope the rest of my web friends can forgive me for keeping to myself for these weeks – it was just too much to face at the time; even though I knew that you too would be doing whatever you could to help. 

And, on a much more cheerful note…….we had two healthy, happy Curly foals and a tiny Falabella foal born on our farm in the weeks that followed, and one Curly foal arrived safely in France to a mare we exported last fall – so those were definately great reasons to rejoice! I was almost a nervous wreck awaiting their arrivals, but everything went perfect! I will be posting their web pages and photos soon, so check back in…..I think you will like what you see! Amongst the joys and sadness of these last weeks, life has gone on. Children and animals alike continue to do things to warm your heart and bring a smile to your face, and the pain of loss is not so sharp now.

Some of my critters and kids having fun.


Thanks for always being there, to lend a listening ear or to offer encouragement…….you guys are the greatest!


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