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New foals!

Pure Bashkir Curly Horses

*Snowfox and her new colt!

We are so happy to announce the arrival of two beautifully wonderful foals to two of our very own young mares – *Snowfox and *Constance, and sired by our lovely stallion *Mister. Not only have these two foals thrilled us with their outstanding conformation and color, but they have warmed our hearts with their sweet and friendly personalities. They have been a joy to watch as they grew and played in the front paddock since their births, and have often made it hard to accomplish farm chores as they entertained us with funny bucks and racing!

*Stag Creek Mecate Bashkir Curly Horse Colt

*Stag Creek Mecate

March 29 / 11:58pm brought the birth of *Stag Creek Mecate – *Snowfox’s handsome bay tobiano colt! *Mecate is long legged and as sweet as pie, and perhaps a bit mischevious. :O) He is covered in lovely loose curls, and carries beautiful paint markings! We are so thrilled with this wonderful addition to the pure Bashkir Curly world! He is bold and fearless and loves attention…..exactly what we expected from this match!!!

*Stag Creek Mecate Bashkir Curly Horse Colt

Newborn *Mecate

*Stag Creek Chama Bashkir Curly Horse Filly

*Stag Creek Chama

And April 2 / 10:08pm was the happy moment when *Stag Creek Chama came into our lives! This darling filly from *Constance is exactly what I was hoping for! A buckskin tobiano (possibly sooty too…..time will tell), and almost an exact duplicate to her mother in form, this sweet girl has been taking our breath away from her first little nicker! *Chama rivals her older brother for the “friendliest foal on the face of the earth” award, and is absolutely breathtaking in movement – grace and fluidity come naturally to this little doll!

Pure Bashkir Curly Mare and Foal

*Constance loves her foalie!

I am posting newborn photos here, as I did not want to rob you of getting to see them. And I will post newer photos and updates in a bit too……I just thought you might want to see them from their very first day – I know I certainly get a thrill from those newborn moments, and I hope you enjoy them.

Pure Bashkir Curly Horse Mare and Foal

*Snowfox and *Mecate stretch their legs!

And need I say how proud I am of these two young mares? *Constance and *Snowfox were born on this farm 4 long years ago, and I quickly tucked them aside as keepers! I simply could not wait for the day that they began making their own contributions to the Curly genetic pool.

Bashkir Curly Horse Mare and foal

*Constance and *Chama

 It seemed like a short eternity before this day finally arrived, but all my expectations were exceeded with the birth of these foals. I just knew these mares would do a great job as breeding mares, and it looks like they did! :O) And the way these two girls approached motherhood was certainly a fun tale to watch unfold as well. *Snowfox was laid back and relaxed from the beginning, and not the least bit worrysome; caring for her colt in an “I have done this all my life” fashion (even though *Mecate is her first). And *Constance – though calm and relaxed with humans being around her foal – was not the least bit interested in sharing her *Chama with any equine friends! She fell totally and completely in love with her foalie, and created a “bubble” around her little darling that no horse could enter unless they had her approval first! She was an awesome sight to behold, as her native instincts took over, and a protective spirit took posession of a normally aloof personality……so much so, that she even refused to allow *Spirit a chance to breed her on her foal heat, because even at 9 days after foaling, she still was not willing to share her filly’s space with another horse. Isn’t that cool! I like a mare that can put a stallion in his place…..and I like a stallion that can be put in his place! These are the best personalities to have for the safety of the foal…….I simply would not have a stallion on this farm that would run a mare down. That is an extremely dangerous situation for everyone involved, and not something I would ever want to deal with. Thankfully, our two stallions are very dear boys – I will be elaborating more on that……so check for that post soon!

Curly Horse Colt

*Mecate says"Howdy!"

Welcome to the world beautiful babies!


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