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if you are a breeding farm and working to produce the best you can. We feel that we have one of the nicest selections of top quality Curly mares to work with in our breeding program. One thing is for sure – they are certainly a beautiful lot, and every one a joy to be around! Many of our mares have produced foals that have been exported to other countries, and have also given us keeper fillies that are now producing top quality foals of their own. We just love our girls! And sometimes – just every now and then, we find a mare that will fit our standards and compliment our stallions’ genetics, and we find ourselves with new faces added to our family. Two such mares have made their ways into our lives this last year, and I am so glad they did.

American Curly Horse

*Bit-O-Wy Blanca

 First was *Bit-O-Wy Blanca, and wow did she steal our hearts! I had been intrigued by the wild caught “mustang” Curlies that the BLM still gathers from time to time, and a few years back had discovered Don Bosman’s herd of Curlies. Don’s free roaming herd is comprised of these Mustang Curlies along with Curlies that he has bred from the wild caught stock. *Blanca is the best of the best of what Don is doing in his program in Wyoming! Being line bred, with two Curly parents was important to me, and Don assured me that *Blanca was the biggest (just a bit under 16hh) and quietest Curly he had……when she arrived at our farm, we knew he was right! In fact, we were thrilled, and were quickly won over by this sweet girl’s charms!

American Curly Horses

*DE Niawen

Our next addition came in the form of anther “gentle giant” – *DE Niawen – an awesome 16.2hh foundation ABC mare that we are so excited to see back in the breeding pool! *Niawen is also from some early curlies that were wild caught mustangs in Wyoming – and is it possible that the genetics of *Niawen and *Blanca are of the same lot? Could their parents or grandparents have stemmed from the same herd running free? We can’t know for sure – but isn’t that fascinating! To think that these two mares are possible descendents of the same wild mustang Curlies that once roamed free in Wyoming. I know any Sioux warrior would have certainly had a great advantage sitting atop either of these girls……he could have found buffalo from miles away!

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Curly Horses ear detail.

Did you hear the news?

We have a new web address – we are now officially www.StagCreekFarm.com and we hope you will save a bookmark for our site, and visit often! There are lots of things going on at the farm – including new additions, new foals, and soon you will see new sales listings. So don’t miss out! The two newest foals already have their pages posted, so you may see many many new photos of them there. And our home page has some new photos as well – I hope you enjoy them. :O)  Our old site is still available – however, we will not be updating those pages on the old www.stagcreek.org site, so please be sure to go to our new address for all the latest from Stag Creek Farm! Have a great day!!!

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