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Ajax is here!

Curly Horse Colt

Stag Creek Ajax

He is our last foal of the 2010 season – a total of six for our farm this year, and they were all tobianos – what fun to see these colorful foals frolicking across our fields. And of course, we know that by the horse breeder’s law, all our foals next year will be solid colors. :O)  It is the law that we have learned to accept – if you get exactly what you hope for one year – the next year you probably won’t! :O)   In truth, I love all the foals – color, curl, or not – and my happiest moment is when they have arrived safely and I know they are healthy and doing well. I really like the quality conformation and outstanding dispositions that we are getting from our two stallions, and of course, my mares have produced wonderful foals that we have just loved for years now. We certainly did not see this quality available 12 years ago in the breed when we first started building our herd – and it has been a long journey with lots of ups and downs – but keeping pure bloodlines and a closed herd have been important to us, and we sure like what we are getting from these bloodlines.  I hope you like the new babies too!

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