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Morning Dove and Anibey share some scratchin' time while Anibey's mom, Magpie, is grazing in the distance.

I think the same thing is probably true for horses. For children – all the input they get from parents, grandparents, teachers, church leaders, really does help to make them who they are – and I see this same concept being played out in my herd of Curlies.

 The Curlies are so uniquely connected with each other, and truly share an enormous amount of love and concern for each other. Not only do the sires and dams have a part in the bringing up of the foals – but the aunts, gelding uncles, and other siblings do their part to help out too. We also have a Fjord gelding who has played a vital role in the bringing up of young weanling colts – he patiently keeps them company – and in line – and doesn’t put up with a lot of colt antics. These older horses are kind and patient (I would not tolerate any of the “run you down and drive you through a fence” type here for sure!).

That's some good scratches!

 But they also require respect from the youngsters as they live together. More than once, I have seen a mare refuse entrance to the “milk bar” when the foal came bounding up to her disrespectfully. And I have also witnessed a mare that allowed a weaned-too-early foal to nurse her along with her own foal – as long as it was done quietly, and directly from the back (which is an unusual nursing position for foals – but this mare allowed it, as it seemed that this position did not interfere with her own baby’s milk supply.)

Two of our grandmother mares - Queen and Berndt (half sisters from the Warrior line). Both girls are past foaling age, but continue to add a tremendous amount to our herd through wisdom and guidance.

Some of our older mares take to “grandmothering” the foals right from the beginning, or as soon as their moms will allow them to leave their sides – and their real moms seem grateful for the free babysitting. As long as the foal behaves, they are allowed to hang out with these older mares – but if they get unruly – they are sent away. No tom-foolery allowed. :O) 

Blanca and Savannah engage in reciprocal grooming, while Savannah's mom Grace enjoys some leisure grazing time.

 And one of the things that is so fun to watch – is when the foals will feel a special closeness to one of the older mares, and they will partake in the practice of reciprocal grooming. Which is a “you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours” action. Not something that us humans would allow just any tom dick or harry to do – so you know it is a sign of a close kinship when you see this taking place with a mare and foal that do not belong to each other.

Savannah and "aunt" Blanca.

 Interestingly, when the scratching is done, the mare will usually shoo the foal away – an indication that she is saying to him “you can be in my space if I ask you too – but I can also move you out of my space…..and don’t you forget it.” Wow, what a valuable lesson! Isn’t this what we want for our horses to understand when we start working with them? Nothing worse than a pushy horse that does not understand this concept.

Anibey spends a lot of time with "grandma" Berndt and her true grandma, Queen.

And I think life in a herd is the greatest start for a foal – so many of the basics of groundwork are started right there in nature – right there in the wild – by the horses themselves. Cool!

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Purebred Bashkir Curly Horses

Savannah and her sweet mom, Grace.

Purebred Bashkir Curly Horse

Red dun tobiano curls!

If you read our earlier post, you will know that our beautiful filly Savannah has already found a new home with her mom in south Texas. We didn’t have a lot of time to “soak her up” after she was born, but I did the best I could! :O)  She is a super girl, and we will miss her, and getting to watch her grow – but she surely does have a wonderful new family, so there are no complaints from me.

This is a WOWZA filly folks!

Savannah's nice movement comes from her sire ~ Angel's Spirit, and her dam ~ Warrior Seek Grace.

I thought you might like to see some more photos of her – so decided to post some here. Hope you enjoy them – she is a beauty!

Savannah loves to hang out with Blanca.

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Bashkir Curly Horse Mare

Stag Creek Starling

We recently had the pleasure of a farm visit from Brandon and Jennifer Bennett of Curly Pines Ranch ( www.curlypinesranch.com ), and the end result was a new home for four of our lovely Curly ladies!

Bashkir Curly Horse Mare

Warrior Two Sunday Moon

 Starling, Two Sundays, Grace and her new filly Savannah all call Curly Pines Ranch their new home, and we are so excited that these girls get to make a new start together as a group! We delivered them just a few days ago, and we were impressed with the wonderful set-up the Bennetts have for their horses.

Bashkir Curly Horse Mare

Warrior Seek Grace

 Their sensible approach to handling Curlies left me knowing that my girls were in good hands, and I know they will be loved just as much as they were here on our farm. I also had the priviledge of meeting the stallion of Curly Pines – True Heart – and I approve enthuiastically about the match this handsome stallion will make with our girls. It is a new bloodline that is not heavily present in the girls’ pedigrees, and should make for excellent crosses both in conformation and disposition! How exciting! I left the Bennetts farm completely at ease with our girls making their new home there, and with the thought in my mind that I just might be doing some “shopping” with them in the coming years. I love seeing the bloodlines kept pure, and the Curly Pines breeding program is lined out to produce some excellent and PURE Curly Horses! And for this great breed – that is an exciting thing indeed!!!

Bashkir Curly Horse Filly

Stag Creek Savannah

Congratulations to the Bennetts for choosing some wonderful ladies – and thanks for giving our girls a kind, loving home! We will miss them, but look forward to the contributions they will make in this program! Happy trails girls!

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One big change….

happened last Sunday when our big beautiful Niawen left for her new home in Utah! Her new owners reported that she arrived safely, and was doing well – and they loved her! Oh, so glad to hear always when you send one of your Curlies off to a new family! Congratulations to the Rawsons, and may she bring you many days of joy!

Bashkir Curly Horse

DE Niawen

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