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Stag Creek Angelicole

Well, I dunno – I think he is looking pretty good for a yearling colt that ought to be scrawny, and all bent out at the elbows like most yearlings are. I always think of yearlings as Junior High track boys – arms and legs way too long to be poking out of the too big tank tops, and too short shorts! :O)  They are always a sight to see, and usually bring a smile to your face. And you hope – and know – that they will grow out of it, and grow into their bones someday – and end up looking like they are supposed to. The same phenomenon happens to horses, humans, puppies – just about any growing youngster. Any mom sees the potential under all those gangly features – but it takes a skillful eye to be able to look past those things if you are not connected by the heartstrings.

Don't you think he is a pretty colt?

Angelicole has many new photos on his web page, so be sure to visit our website to see them all. I think he is a beautiful colt – and if this is what he looks like as a yearling, I can’t wait to see him when he matures!

Angelicole - an ABC registered colt.

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