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Halloween fun!

Enna, Chalabella and I with one of our favorite little goblins!

I know it is a bit past, but life has been so full of activity lately, that I can not keep up it seems! :O) And I wanted to share with you some of our fun these last weeks.

Isn't that the cutest little rodeo clown you have ever seen! I loved his costume!

One thing we did for Halloween, was participate in the Trunk or Treat that our church held. We didn’t have a car with a trunk to decorate, so we brought our little Falabella filly along for the event. Chalabella is a leopard pintaloosa, and she really had a fun time on her first “outing”. My wonderful husband Charles was right there too, with all the needed assistance, and it was a fun family evening.

I was suprised to find that Chalabella actually enjoyed the little goblins coming up in all their different costumes…..the only time she got fidgitty was when there was a lull in activity, and she was not getting as much attention as she thought she should. :O)  Aand I also found out that she likes popcorn and hotdogs!

Chalabella wants to "share" my hotdog!

 I had an awfully hard time trying to eat my hotdog, because she was pushing with all her little 200 lbs of might to get in and get a bite too!

My two little Indian maidens!

Enna dusted off her Indian maiden costume from earlier Halloweens, and helped me pass out candy and bookmarks to the little spooks. At the end of the evening, I would have had a hard time figuring who had the best time – it’s just really a lot of fun to get to share our farm critters with family and friends!

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