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Love ears.

Maelie Mylie soaking it up!

Does anyone else use that term? We started using it when we became owners of two Corgyn, and anytime they saw you, or if you spoke to them, they would hold their ears down to the back, and “wig” their little bottoms (Pembrokes do not have “tails”).  I have found the same to be true with our Curly horses! (except for the “wig” part of course) :O)  You can tell a lot from a horse’s ears right – what they are looking at, their attitude, etc……but there is a big difference in ears that are pinned back (which signifies anger……or rather “oh no you’re not!”) and ears that are held backward in a relaxed position.

One of my favorite photos of Grace with her first colt ~ Aren Daego.

If you look around on our website, you will see a LOT of photos showing this ear stance.  I love that look on my horses. It shows that they are happy, content, in love with life, and loving the attention they are getting. Love ears!  I LOVE IT!!!

Heartdancing just before he left for Sweden.

Mallie Berndtie – a very loving filly!

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