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New faces…

There have been some additions to the Curly members of the Carroll / Stag Creek Farm family, and each one of them has worked

Our first Appaloosa color genetics Curly.

Okie "J" mares - Frosty and Toco!

their way right into our hearts! Watch for their web pages to be added to our site soon…..but for now – here are a few photos of the first three – and one more to come. I hope you are having a great New Year, and that God will bless you with lots of new companions this year – whether they be two legged of 4!  :O)  Happy trails!

Frosty is a BIG girl!!!

Toco sports lovely grulla curls on a tall frame.

Apple Tart – a Straight ABC mare from Joe Mead stock.

Sweet and beautiful!


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