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Returning soldier

Our soldier returned to the states early Tuesday morning – he had been on a one year tour in Iraq, and we had not seen him since last June. Charles and I drove up to Fort Riley in Kansas to be there for his returning ceremony. Our visit was too short as usual, there never seems to be enough time – but we were so happy to see him! We are super glad he is back, and so thankful for his service to our country and for his safe return! We love you Kolai! Welcome home!!!

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Farm Visitors

I always enjoy the reaction from the Curlies when we have visitors come to the farm. They LOVE it!!!  They seem to recognize that it’s an extra pair of hands for hugging and petting – and they soak up every minute they can. A friend of ours came out the other day, and she loved on all the horses, and I must admit, that she really has a gift with animals.  Some folks that are not accustomed to being around large animals can have a lot of fear – but Sam just jumps right in there, and makes the horse hers……..and that’s just what the Curlies want. :O) 

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I think I brushed caliche / clay mud from this little darling for two weeks!  You could just smell the caliche dust rising from her coat with every stroke!  :O)  I think she had this all planned out actually – nothing that she could love more than human attention and especially if you are willing to brush her head to toe! 

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Do you ever have those days when you start out with the best intentions, and then, well – things just don’t go as you had thought.  That happens to me a lot – and I guess it is part of being a farmer – sort of the nature of the beast – whatever is needed to be done at hand is what you end up doing, and some of your plans get put off for a while.  It happened to me the other day – again.  The sun was finally shining, and I wanted to seize the moment, so I headed off with camera in hand to try and get some photos of the Curlies. I particularly wanted to photograph Chama, as it was the last day that she would be at pasture with her dam as a foal – the very next day was weaning day for my little girl. (Ok, well so 10 months old is not so little, but I always think of them as little.)  I wanted to capture those last moments – mother and foal, grazing peacefully in the wild, galloping in cadance at each others’ side……looking lovingly at each other, as only mother and foal can do. I wanted that recorded on digital pixels to be treasured for all time to come. Well……..it didn’t quite work like that……..

Here is Chama's mom, but where is the beautiful foalie?

Blanca looks like she is heading somewhere.

Auntie Magpie stopped by a scratching post on her way back from the little water hole.

Morning Dove is hanging out under one of the scratching trees.

And where are you going Sedonia?

And Anibey too.....where is everybody going? And where is Chama?


I found her.

I should have known.....here she is in the perfect sunny spot, with her creamy coat glistening in the sun.

And that extra glint you see in her curls is probably from the lavender baby shampoo she stole from Spirit's stash.

I heard her rummaging around in the tack room the night before, but I thought she was writing me a note to remember to buy more carrot snacks.

Little girls like lavender scented shampoo you know.

And her coat is probably extra healthy looking from the hours and hours of time I spend grooming her. I would do anything for my Curlies. I just love them. A lot.

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