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Hope you can watch too!

I have a ton of new updates coming, but wanted to get the word out to you now about the television program that will be featuring American Bashkir Curly Horses. It will air on May 31st on RFDTV, and is called The Horse Show with Rick Lamb. If you would like to see the program, but don’t have cable (like us), or if you just won’t be near a tv on that day, you can still watch it from Rick’s website http://www.thehorseshow.com/rfd_schedule.aspx
From Rick’s website, you can view any of the past episodes of The Horse Show free of charge simply by filling out his registration form – the show featuring the Curly is Episode 340. Or you may purchase a DVD of the program if you wish.
We are so excited about the show, and particurlarly about the Curly getting a spotlight on Rick’s show – of which he only features a few breeds a year. Thanks again to Rick and Diana for choosing the Curly to showcase in this episode.
Happy Trails!

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