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Spring is a busy, busy time on the farm, but I am finally getting to some updates, so kick back on a hot afternoon with a glass of iced tea and check out all the news! We have SIX beautiful Curly foals that have joined our farm this spring – oh so wonderful each one of them with their curls and sweetness and each so Very unique!!! Feeling so overwhelmed with blessings each day!!! I have also posted some new photo updates for some of the other horses (and have a few more to complete still, thank you all for your patience) ~ you will also find New horses posted on the For Sale page……so hope you like taking a little virtual tour of the farm this spring, and seeing some new faces! Have a great day!IMG_7576Sedelia's colt 4-29-2014 173IMG_7611Constance's colt born 4-27-2014 364 3IMG_8279 2IMG_7492Sedelia's colt 4-29-2014 279Constance's colt born 4-27-2014 623Chama Palermo 4-8-2014 218Stag Creek Palermo April 30, 2014

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