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NEWS FLASH!!!!! Just received the results of Yuwipi’s DNA color test for tobiano and just as we guessed, he carries TWO copies of the tobiano gene! TO/TO

Yuwipi Ataya Cahota Curlies in flowers 6-29-2014 192


And yes, that means that as a breeding stallion, Yuwipi will produce 100% tobiano foals! Tobiano, piebald, paint, colored ~ no matter what your language, that adds up to some good business! What a boon for the breeding farm wanting to add color to their mares’ get – and have colored mares already – you could be one of the First breeders to consistently produce homozygous TO foals in the world!

Yuwipi Ataya Cahota Curlies in flowers 6-29-2014 222

Yuwipi is also Purebred American Bashkir Curly – registered with ABCR in the Full Registry Book. If that is not enough for you yet – he has a darling disposition of just loving to be with his humans! Didn’t I tell you this boy was a bit of magic!

Curlies Spirit Cahota Tate Ataya MayB 6-6-2014 012

Yuwipi’s sire ~ Angel’s Spirit

Curlies 9-23-2013 Mawaste Mocha Snowfox Zintkala 009

Yuwipi’s dam ~ Windmere’s Mocha Cheno (our largest mare!)

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