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Old time Curlies

Down times (like traveling or waiting for feed to be loaded) can still keep you close to the farm if you spend it editing horse photos! And I love some of the fun new photo finishes available so quickly these days. Got me to thinking, in 30 years, if someone were to look back on our Curlies, I hope they would see them and think, neat, that’s one of those great old time Curlies. The kind that are still admired decades down the road. We always hope we are making improvements with our breeding selections, but we also hope to be preserving what others before us have treasured. Long live the great old genetics!
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King of the Hill!

IMG_0877*Angel’s Spirit ~ we love this man! He is one saucy hunk of a stallion, and puts really amazing foals on the ground. The best thing I love about him is his easy going nature. Someday I will have someone videoing me getting him from the field – his home on the hill – where he lives with his mares, and foals. He meets me for haltering with a howdy-do and a where are we going, and trots out along side my ATV at about 15 mph or more – never whinnying back to his girls, always attentive to the task at hand. Sometimes I just need him to come in to the corral so I can let someone else have the field for a while – maybe a younger mare that is his daughter, or a mare that we are not breeding to him that year. And he’s always agreeable to do what I ask. He has even galloped along side that ATV at times, when I sped the pace to get to our destination sooner – I assure you he is a powerful animal and all his mares love him. Love him! He is polite and charismatic – romancing his girls and letting them know “I am so glad you’re my woman!” But he doesn’t like too much drama – if they say mind your business, he does.  I just think he’s really cool. He’s a beast. And I will stop talking now and let you judge for yourself – as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Have a super day!IMG_0479IMG_0460IMG_0839 IMG_0808IMG_0571IMG_0833 2

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