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All for Him

It was a great joy to get to spend this last weekend in Wimberley, TX. The river running through this beautiful town flooded on May 24th of this year, washing away and destroying many homes – many families losing everything they owned…..even their own lives and those of family members. Charles and I got to be a part of a group of Christian men and women that began the rebuild for a sweet family that had lost their home in that flood. It was an incredible experience. This family was just as precious as can be, and we all quickly fell in love with their hard working and generous spirit. We began Thursday morning and finished Sunday evening with the work we had come to do. Another team will come in and finish the interior of the house. It was so great to see so many hard working folks coming together to help out someone in need – and they did it with hearts full of love for these homeowners, but also for Jesus. He makes all the difference, and we could not have accomplished this task without the prayers and support of so many folks, and without His grace! I love it when He includes us in the things He is doing! He deserves every praise we could ever give. Here is a video of the weekend if you would like to see what took place there…

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