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The Weanlings!

I love bringing the foals of the year up to the corral for weaning – it is always an exciting time for me! Somehow, they suddenly seem like they belong to me, instead of to their moms, and it is a great feeling to know that these beautiful little equines are growing up happy under my care. I can’t wait to get going with their halter training – two have actually already left for their new homes, and they did super on their beginning kindergarten training. In fact, the first day I went into the pen with the babies and a halter in hand, everyone of those weanlings let me willingly halter them – such a fun group of babies!!! Here are a couple of photos for now, and more soon! Have a super day!

Lakota Chante Cetan weaning 328Lakota Chante Cetan weaning 002Lakota Chante Cetan weaning 373

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