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The going home.

imageIt has been a sweet and precious journey as I got to walk along side my dad this last year and a half. On Sunday, May 29th, he went home. He had struggled enough and the Lord answered our prayers for mercy and peace, and though we are left broken-hearted, we are grateful that he is complete. Whole. New. And we can rejoice that we will see him again – that’s just one of the many promises that God makes for those that love him and follow him. And I will eternally be grateful to God for giving me such an incredible father – humble but always encouraging and loving unconditionally, and living a legacy of faith. He supported me in everything I ever tried, and was there for me when I failed. I can still feel him – as I helped him from the wheelchair to his hospital bed – so thin and weak in my arms, and some of his last cognent moments, when the words could no longer come, were spent just forming the words with his mouth – “I love you”. He wanted to convey that to me – to us – and spent his last energy doing it. I love you too dad!!!! I miss you – I missed you the instant you were gone – I can still feel you’re sweet arm patting my back. Thanks for letting me be there with you, and for being the best dad of all time.  I know you’re rejoicing in the presence of the Most High King now, roaming the most beautiful mountains, and I know it will be a glorious day when we each join you there. When it’s our turn for going home.

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