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Morning Dove's filly 8-8-2016 041

And it’s a girl! A precious adorable sweet-as-can-be beautiful dreamy girl! Ok, I might be a little sleep deprived. Or a little in love. :O)

Morning Dove's filly 8-8-2016 061

You did it again our big sweet girl! You are a 5 star mare in my book Morning Dove!

Morning Dove's filly 8-8-2016 074

Look at that curl – and look really close – see where the curls part direction, and the shaft of the hairs are a darker color than the tips? That is part of the Morning Dove beauty shining through, and what makes her color so interesting. Maybe this little girl is going to have some interesting color going on too.

Morning Dove's filly 8-8-2016 078

And oh that darling face.

Morning Dove's filly 8-8-2016 090

Wow I just love this little filly!

Morning Dove's filly 8-8-2016 093

Mane ringlets spiraling right up to the sun!  I have to tell you though, that the last two nights while we were on foal watch, we saw FOUR falling stars coming across the sky and ending their sparkly decent right over the spot that Morning Dove stood! Maybe there was a little sprinkling of stardust and joy falling right out onto this darling foal. Being in the paddock with a mare about to foal can be incredibly delightful. You should try it some time. :O)

Morning Dove's filly 8-8-2016 102

Being born is hard work, and our little filly is taking a nap. Just a bit over four hours old in these photos, and already you can see her quality and charm. Thanks Morning Dove – you have made some incredible babies for us!

Morning Dove's filly 8-8-2016 104

Our newest little angel sleeping tight.

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