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Our daughter was home from college over the weekend…

here’s a tiny glimpse of Ana’s baby boy


Hope le you have a super day!


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Happy Easter!

I’ve shared this video before but thought I would again, I just love it and what it says about Christ. And I just love Him for what He did for us. Provided forgiveness for our sins by his sacrifice, and proved He was God’s Son when He rose from that grave – which gives me the hope of living with Him eternally in Heaven. A pretty awesome deal, and I’m all in! Can’t imagine living this life without that hope and forgiveness. Hope your Easter is awesome!

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A beautiful view.

imageimageimageNo matter where you go on the farm right now, the view is just beautiful! Curly horse foals have a way of doing that to ya!

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In love with Magpie and Solen’s new filly born today! Oh what a sweetie she is, and a beautiful blue buckskin tobiano just like her papa!

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And again, he carried with him a most beautiful new foal! In the warmth of the sunny afternoon, Cholla Wren became a first time momma, and what a splendid job she did! It’s a beautiful, red dun tobiano colt! Congratulations to our super sweet Cholla and Solen!

cholla colt 2

Cholla Wren has a new Curly colt!

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