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Aren Daego

They had to be – and it just happened. We find it happens still here at our farm. This last week we fenced off a new paddock out front – which created a nice run for horses in training. The paddock was first shredded – which cut back the weeds that were threatening to seed and the grass that was toughening from the heat. The shredding also spread the manure droppings from our Fjord and Chincoteague Pony colt that had been boarding there – and that in turn will fertilize the land. Then a huge oak that had died a few months back was downed, to prevent it’s eventual crashing down on a fence, and a huge stack of firewood was put away for winter. (I must add here that Charles is a beast with that chainsaw of his!) If that is not multi-tasking, I don’t know what is! The new paddock looks great too!                                                                                           Yesterday was vaccination day! I vaccinated and wormed 24 Curlies, 5 Chincoteague Ponies, and one Norwegian Fjord almost single handedly! Charles did help me out with our two older range mares – they still possess such a sense of wildness, and I certainly wouldn’t rob them of that right at this age in their lives!
All the foals are growing and doing well…..and I discovered some exciting news – one of those older Warrior mares is in foal! I had doubted that she had been bred, but yesterday I discovered I was wrong! Not only did she have an unusually “oval” shape to her abdomen(which can be pretty common for an older unbred broodmare on pasture anyway), but she is also showing udder development! How exciting this is – as I was hoping for one more foal from this excellent mare before being retired from our broodmare band. I have been working her yearling filly – Navajo Rose – in halter for the last few days, and what a fun filly she is – light and willing, and smart as can be! I will keep my fingers crossed that this next foal will be just as special!
And the last event of the day – Aren Daego was weaned, and his dam, Grace was turned back out to the field to finish growing that *Angel’s Spirit foal she is carrying! I can hardly wait for that one!!! More about this exciting young stallion later!!!                                                                                                                                                 

Growing up!
Growing up!

And another fun note about yesterday – Caden! Wow, that colt just amazes me! He is absolutely so doggone laid back – so much fun to be around. He is not halter broke – I have never worked him in halter at all – but I have put a halter on him about 3 times, and led him from one pen, across the road, and into another pen, and each time, he behaved as though he WERE halter-broken! Just amazing!! And yesterday with all the horses being brought up for the vaccinations/worming, I needed the extra pens, so I tied Caden to one of the tree ties, and he stood there for at least 5 hours, and never even worried for a minute! Now that is a good solid mind!!! Curlies are awesome!!!


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