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I don’t know if you have ever gotten to experience a newborn foal –7-21-2009 548 2 but wow! they are just like newborn babies – constantly amazing you with their sweet ways. And one of the things I love seeing the foals do…..is sleep. That’s right – sleep. They start by lying down (usually after visiting the milk bar a few times), and then that head gets heavy, and starts nodding down to the ground….and then they just melt over into a flat puddle on the ground. I say flat, because, within their first weeks, they are so “narrow” if you will, that when lying on their sides in the grass, it is difficult to see them unless you are7-21-2009 584 2 pretty close. I can’t tell you how many times I have been out checking on our herd, and I can’t see where the newborns are – you know they are somewhere in the vicinity of those watchful dams, but until you get closer, you don’t know exactly where. As you get nearer, sometimes you will see a little tail flick up above the grass…..”oh, there you are!” …..but isn’t it interesting that God designed them to be “flat” when sleeping…..not only can we not see them – but they are invisible to predators too…..no chance of 7-21-2009 590 2anything stalking them out when they are so vulnerable – especially not before mom can have a say in the matter. So, I admit it, I am intrigued by sleeping foals! Watching their little nostrils flare in and out, seeing a lip get hung open on a grass clump as they laid over, and those little ears that flick naturally if any fly attempts to land there……I think it is all pretty cool stuff!


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