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The good old days.

I almost feel guilty – it was such a great day – far better than I deserve. Working with the mares, trimmed Snowfox and Sedonia, hugged on the three babies, got some video, gave Maelie Mylie a bath (yes, it was a very warm day), bathed Spirit tip top to toe – he loves the new lavender baby shampoo I am using on him now – and the green formula EzAll really takes the dirt stains out of his pretty coat. Got to lead the three new mares – Frosty does not like it when my youngest is leading her goat in the driveway – and really, if Esperanza the mini Falabella has to rub her rump on the fence, does it have to be RIGHT at Frosty’s pen!  Toco is doing great too – but is in agreeance with the verdict on goats. They smell and look and sound funny!  These girls don’t know the goats are actually a great part of our overall desensitizing program for horses (hehe) – and they give great milk too – Petunia is offering me a quart or more a day right now along with nursing her kid – what a bonus! I love fresh goats milk!!!  I also love the sound of it streaming in the pail, and the warmth of the goat leaned against me – it’s a good life. I love all sorts of old fashioned things – farming, crafting, baking, taking care of family. I often think back to my childhood, when sitting at my mother’s side learning to crochet or embroider. Or breaking up the garden soil with with my dad, dropping in the seeds…….or climbing into a deerstand in the wee hours of the morning, and later, the making of the venison sausage in the kitchen with mom’s old meat grinder – I loved turning that handle!  Those were the good old days!  I long for them!  They hold precious memories, and were filled with all things good and moral. I loved that.  And then I think of today – a conversation I had with my youngest – she was coming back from the woods, where she had taken her goat and his cart to harvest grapevines to make a wreath……and I asked – “how’d it go?”  “Good” she said – “only, on the way back, I guess as we were driving through the brush, the briars must have caught on the grapevines and drug them off in the woods.” 

My heart thrilled at that story!  The girl and her goat had set out on a mission, but had come home empty handed.

 Or had they? 

Time was spent in the great outdoors – where bobcats and deer roam – memories were made – and I bet some leaves were eaten (Mr. Ed only pulls a cart for the potential of new browse) and my daughter will look back on that day years from now and say – those were the good old days. It really is true.  These are the good old days.

I only have the memories in my mind from today, and video which you will see later…..but here are some photos from Christmas if you would like to see them. 

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Merry Christmas!!!

It’s hard for me to believe how much God loves us……………how much He loves me. I don’t deserve it – but I am so glad that He does!  To think of Him sending His perfect son on that Christmas day so many years ago – that we might be saved – that I might be saved…….. well…..I can’t describe the way that makes me feel. I love Him so much for that. For saving me – for sending me a Savior – that I could live in hope – be saved – live eternally in Heaven when my life here is done – to be saved each day from things that could drag me down – to know that I am on the path He has set me on – and though sometimes I may not like where that takes me, I know it will be ok in the end. I love that! It’s what gets me through the tough times in life – it’s what gets me through each day! You are an AWESOME God!!!

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Love ears.

Maelie Mylie soaking it up!

Does anyone else use that term? We started using it when we became owners of two Corgyn, and anytime they saw you, or if you spoke to them, they would hold their ears down to the back, and “wig” their little bottoms (Pembrokes do not have “tails”).  I have found the same to be true with our Curly horses! (except for the “wig” part of course) :O)  You can tell a lot from a horse’s ears right – what they are looking at, their attitude, etc……but there is a big difference in ears that are pinned back (which signifies anger……or rather “oh no you’re not!”) and ears that are held backward in a relaxed position.

One of my favorite photos of Grace with her first colt ~ Aren Daego.

If you look around on our website, you will see a LOT of photos showing this ear stance.  I love that look on my horses. It shows that they are happy, content, in love with life, and loving the attention they are getting. Love ears!  I LOVE IT!!!

Heartdancing just before he left for Sweden.

Mallie Berndtie – a very loving filly!

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